04 July 2008

Boy Name Ideas For My Friends who Shall Adopt or Give Birth Soon.

Boy Name
Aldebaran Arabic for "the follower", star in Taurus
Altair Star in Aquila, Altair IV is the setting of Forbidden Planet
Aquila Acts 18:2, Constellation ("Eagle")
Arthur King, Compton
Blaise/Blaze Pascal
Fox Mulder
Francis Saints, Bacon, Collins
Gabriel Daniel 8:16, Luke 1:26
Galen Ancient Greek Physician, my maternal grandfather
Intrepid Adjective, Ships
Isaac Genesis 12:2-4, Newton
Leo Constellation ("Lion")
Orion Constellation ("The Hunter")
Rigel Star in Orion.
Sebastian Saint, Cartoon Crab
Seth Genesis 4:25
Wolfgang/Wolf Mozart, Blitzer, Canis lupus

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