27 November 2007

Young Earth Creationism in the Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch recently carried two brief but very good columns, which were written by Astrophysicist Tom Statler of Ohio University, rebutting Young Earth Creationism.

The first (Oct. 23, 2007, Science Sec., p. 15) addresses the "starlight problem." If the Universe is only a few thousand years old, how do we see stars and galaxies so distant that light requires millions of years to travel from them to Earth? The speed of light is interconnected with many other constants of nature; altering it, Dr. Statler reminds us, would cause alterations in chemistry, biology, and radiation so radical that life, as we know it, would be impossible.

The second (Nov. 20, 2007, Science Sec., p. 16) ask the question that must be asked of all purported scientific hypotheses, "What testable predictions has it made?"

17 November 2007

Our Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Since we only had four candles, I could only light four of our five Jack-O-Lanterns at any one time, so here are four.

We do not know who carved the pumpkin on the left. Chris carved the one on the right.

Se-Kyung's is on the left; mine, as if you couldn't guess, is on the right. I apologize for the poor quality of these photographs. I am not sure if I bumped the camera or had the focus improperly set.

Finally, my other pumpkin is on the left, and Se-Kyung's is unlit on the right.

13 November 2007

Francis Collins is Coming to Ohio State Tomorrow

He will be giving a lecture and participating in a panel discussion.

Dr. Collins is Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, author of the book The Language of God, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He is probably the most famous Christian scientist in the world. I will be attending his lecture and the panel discussion.

10 November 2007

Concert Invitation

You are invited to a concert featuring:

  • The University Band (with Luke on Tuba and Kelly on Clarinet)
  • The Collegiate Winds

Thursday, November 15, 8:00 PM Weigel Auditorium

The U Band half of the concert will include

  • "Joy Revisited" by Frank Ticheli
  • "Gallop" by Shostakovich
  • "El Capitan" by Sousa

Ticket Prices:

  • $6 general public, senior citizens, OSU faculty, staff, students;
  • Free for OSU School of Music faculty, staff, students with ID.
I hope to see you there.

08 November 2007

Election Results

While I shall not waive my right to a secret ballot here, but I am willing to report that of the 14 candidates who received a vote from me, 6 won.

06 November 2007

Election Day

"Those who don't bother to take part in community decision-making have little standing to complain about the result."

In addition to voting, I also heard a lecture from a Nobel laureate in Physics, met an astronaut, and had a good band rehearsal. It has been quite an interesting day!

05 November 2007

Zombies! The Transformation Process

"In the West Indies and southern states of America, a soulless corpse said to have been revived by witchcraft..." - Oxford English Dictionary Online

"a will-less and speechless human in the West Indies capable only of automatic movement held to have died and been reanimated..."

- Websters Third New International Dictionary

The victim begins as a (mostly) normal woman...

...or man.

Alcohol and blood are important parts of the transformation.

The Caucasian victim's skin first develops the pale hue of death.
Blood from injuries sustained in the transformation, from post-transformation fighting, or from attacks upon the living are often also present.

Surprisingly, many zombies are horrified by their new appearance...

...and make futile attempts to improve it.
They also have a surprising disdain for bottled water.