29 July 2009

Climate Change and Trust II

Let me approach this issue from another angle.  For those of you who are skeptical of climate change science or are suspicious of its political implications, I have a thought experiment.   

Let us imagine, just for a few minutes, that the following statements are true.
  • Average global temperature is increasing.
  • Human activity, such as the industrial production of greenhouse gasses, is the main cause of this warming.
  • Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) will have negative consequences for large numbers of people during the coming decades if present trends continue.
  • Conditions on this planet decades from now are affected by actions humans take now.
If this were all true, what would the proper response be by our nation and world?

12 July 2009

Neutrino Overload

I am currently in St. Charles, IL, at the Pheasant Run Resort, where I am staying for the International Neutrino Summer School. We have had a very busy schedule filled with mostly interesting lectures. The resort is beautiful, and I am relaxing by one of the pools right now. I only wish my favorite companion could be here to share it with me.

The curriculum has been so packed with fascinating and complicated physics that I am not sure I can absorb any more, but the school is only half over. The organizers have given us the weekend off; yesterday I traveled into Chicago to see the Museum of Science and Industry. Today, I am taking a much slower pace with church and lunch with a friend my only activities so far.

02 July 2009

Need Help Unloading a Moving Van In Bloomington

I am writing to ask for your help unloading furniture and other items from a moving van at my apartment on Saturday, July 18. My fiancée Kelly will be moving most of her possessions into the apartment then, and we could use your help hauling and re-arranging.

Her lease expires in August, and she will be moving in with friends of ours until we are married in December. Most of what she has in her apartment will not fit in the new place, so she is moving it to Bloomington.

So, can any of you help us?

Feel free to pass this along to any mutual friends who might be interested.