31 July 2008

Photo Upload

As you may have noticed, my blog posting has been rather sparse lately. Much has been happening in my life, and I have been taking photographs at a high rate. To update my readers quickly, I have stored those photos in my Photobucket account. There you can see the following:

These stone are not the ruins of an ancient walkway. They are the "sidewalk" a few blocks south of my home.

I think the expression on the little boy's face says it all.
A nice portrait from the Park of Roses.

Bipartisanship on Science

In the blogsphere, representatives of the liberal and conservative poles of American political argument can be found at Daily Kos and Little Green Footballs, respectively. While I do not endorse or agree with everything on either of these blogs, especially their use of foul language, I was pleasantly surpised to find that they agree on at least one thing. They are both opposed to the Intelligent Design (ID) movment. This can be seen in the entries tagged with ID or Evolution at LGF and those tagged with ID at Daily Kos.

27 July 2008

Girl Name Ideas For My Friends who Shall Adopt or Give Birth Soon.

Andromeda Constellation

"Lion of God," Satellite of Uranus, Cartoon Mermaid, Shakespeare's The Tempest

Cygnus Constellation ("Swan")
Deborah Judges 3-5
Kira Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Dark Crystal
Lise Meitner
Lydia Acts 16:14
LyraConstellation, Musical Instrument
MiraStar in Cetus, "Wonderful"
Miranda Satellite of Uranus, Shakespeare's The Tempest
Miri Star Trek (Original Series Ep. 12)
Priscilla Acts 18:2
Raven Corvus corax
Sheera II Chronicles 7:24
TabithaActs 9:36, Bewitched
ZiraPlanet of the Apes

LOL Cats Meets A Great Question

lolcats funny cat pictures

14 July 2008

Presidential Candidates & Science

As a scientist and a bit of a political junkie, I am interested in the opinions and actions of politicians regarding science. I present here a few sources that I have found useful in researching the opinions and records of the candidates on science.

04 July 2008

Boy Name Ideas For My Friends who Shall Adopt or Give Birth Soon.

Boy Name
Aldebaran Arabic for "the follower", star in Taurus
Altair Star in Aquila, Altair IV is the setting of Forbidden Planet
Aquila Acts 18:2, Constellation ("Eagle")
Arthur King, Compton
Blaise/Blaze Pascal
Fox Mulder
Francis Saints, Bacon, Collins
Gabriel Daniel 8:16, Luke 1:26
Galen Ancient Greek Physician, my maternal grandfather
Intrepid Adjective, Ships
Isaac Genesis 12:2-4, Newton
Leo Constellation ("Lion")
Orion Constellation ("The Hunter")
Rigel Star in Orion.
Sebastian Saint, Cartoon Crab
Seth Genesis 4:25
Wolfgang/Wolf Mozart, Blitzer, Canis lupus

Happy Independence Day!

Celebrate wisely with large quantities of pyrotechnics.

01 July 2008

"favorite female companion"

Conference Deadlines...

...are keeping my from maintaining my blog as often as I would like.