10 March 2014


I watched the first episode of the new Cosmos series last night, and Sagan's torch has been passed to a worthy successor.  I hope this new series will inspire a new generation of scientists as Sagan's series inspired me during it's tenth anniversary airing 24 years ago.  While the series seems to have a pronounced materialistic worldview, the wonder of scientific discovery shines brightly.

I hope that my Catholic friends will not be alienated by the segments of the first episode dealing with the execution of Giordano Bruno.  I also hope that the series will highlight the positive contributions Christians have made toward the advancement of science, such as Kepler's Laws, the proposal of the Big Bang Theory by Georges Lemaître (a Catholic priest), and Gregor Mendel's pioneering work on genetics.

If anyone wants to watch and discuss the next episode, you are welcome at our house!

"The heavens declare the glory of God" - Psalm 19:1

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Anonymous said...

The incredibly disingenuous Bruno segment sort of ruins the show's objectivity. Will be interesting to see how Christians contributions are stated but I wouldn't hold your breath for anything positive.