07 November 2011

Faster than Light Neutrinos

From the BBC to the AP, and from The Huffington Post to Fox News, the press has been abuzz with stories of particles traveling faster than light.

The original press release and paper preprint are probably the best sources for information about this analysis.  The experiment on which I work, MINOS, is gearing up to reproduce this measurement as soon as possible.

If this result is real, it would be one of the greatest shocks to hit the physics community for about a century.  Given this extraordinary implication, the measurement will need to be reproduced (preferably multiple times) before it becomes accepted.


Teri said...

He wouldn't be God if we could know everything He does. I'm thankful for brothers like you who enjoy discovering how He does things. It is a challenge considering His ways are past finding out but that is the joy of it. There's always something new to discover!

Luke C. said...

Thank you, Teri!

World Famous said...

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