23 December 2007

"I hope you have found a friend..."

As I type this, I am sitting in a small cafe in Palo Alto called Leonidas catching up on e-mail before I catch the train to San Francisco Airport. My time in California has been busy with work, application writing, and meeting friends who I had not seen since I moved back to Ohio in Dec. 2006.

Now that I am preparing to leave, I find the song "Closing Time" playing in my head. The line in the title of this entry is particularly meaningful because I have found so many friends in my travels that sometimes the emotions are almost overwhelming. I do not want to become too emotional in public, so I shall simply say thank you, thank God for you, and merry Christmas to all of my friends who are reading this.


Pamela said...

Luke- have always enjoyed reading your page...although I don't do it often enough. Hope to get together the day after Christmas or the next before you leave for MSP.

Anonymous said...

Luke-good to see you've found a happy place in the world, Merry Christmas and God bless!!
-Hannah G.

Luke C. said...


What is your place in the world now? I was stunned to see your message after all these years! How can I contact you? You can send an e-mail to me at lsky2061@hotmail.com