06 December 2006

Winter/Christams Travel Plans

  • Dec 20, 9:35 AM: Fly from SFO to MSP.
  • Dec 20-23: Stay with a friend and visit other friends in Minnesota
  • Dec 23: Ride to Eau Claire, WI, where my parents and sister will meet me. They will drive me from Eau Claire to their home in Independence, WI.
  • Dec 23-27: Spend Christmas with my immediate family, extended family, and old friends who are in the area.
  • Dec 27: Drive from Independence to RST, then fly from RST to STL.
  • Dec 27-Jan 01: Attend InterVarsity's Twenty-First Student Missions Convention in St. Louis, MO.
  • Jan 01: Ride to my new home back in Columbus, OH with friends from CGSA at Ohio State.

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jackie lea said...

Hi Luke! Glad you read my blog ... and now I can read yours! :-)